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BSK Contact Form 7 to Zoho


The ZOHO API version 1.0 is being deprecated. This plugin use ZOHO API 2.0 to integrate Contact Form 7 with your Zoho CRM so DONOT worry your integration suddenly stop.

The plugin let you map Contact Form fields to Zoho fields and automatically insert Lead, Contact, Account record into your ZOHO when submit form.

All ZOHO’s data center supported, US, European, Indian, China data center supported


  • Screen of Zoho oAuth.
  • Screen of form feeds list.
  • Screen of form mapping.


It’s a standard WordPress plugin and you may install it from WordPress’ plugin Dashboard. After activate the plugin then you can create blacklist or whitelist or email list.

After it activated in your WordPress you’ll see a submenu item of “Zoho CRM” under WordPress –> Dashboard –> Contact. There you need to active license and connect to you ZOHO.

After connected to ZOHO and downloading data, you need go to the new tab of “Zoho CRM” when edit Contact Forms 7 form.

Часті питання

Please visit https://www.bannersky.com/document/bsk-contact-form-7-to-zoho-documentation/ for documents or support.


This plugin does what it's designed to do perfectly, and support from the developers are great. If any one need to connect contact form 7 to zoho CRM this is the plugin to go and I highly recommend it.
The plugin works very well and was easy to setup. We reached out to BannerSky for some customer support and they were very quick to respond and helpful. Can definitely recommend this plugin for integrating CF7 forms with Zoho Leads/Contacts.
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  • Support Account module

  • Support uploading image to Lead, Contact and Account

  • Support assign Lead Owner, Contact Owner, Account Owner to new created records. It means supporting assign new records to different ZOHO users.

  • New mapping interface to make it easier to do mapping. Also support choosing built-in options of dropdown( picklist ) in ZOHO.

  • New ZOHO connecting guide interface to make it easier

  • New populating form fields from ZOHO options screen to let you display ZOHO dropdown( picklist ) options in form easily.

  • Support populating ZOHO users to form field to make display ZOHO users in form easily.

  • Fix the issue of failed to connect India and China data center

  • Fix the warning of do mapping

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.5.1 and Contact Form 7’s latest version.


  • Support Zoho India and China data center

  • Fix the bug of cannot connect to ZOHO which caused by ZOHO’s small change in API method

  • Improve interface

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.3.2


  • Support populating CF7 checkbox / dropdown options from Zoho Pick List / Multiple Pick List options ( Pro version )

  • Support view debug log online

  • Fix the bug of cannot post checkbox data to Zoho

  • Fix the bug of feed mapping cannot be saved at first time when create new feed

  • Remove PHP warnings

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.1.1


  • Support Zoho European website.

  • Remove two PHP warning message

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.1


  • Improve admin interface to skip empty section

  • Improve debug mode to display more readable info

  • Fix the bug of support datetime field


  • First public version.