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I like the latest design updates. The plugin is easy to setup and accepts paypal payments. I've used it on a few projects and typically can achieve most goals without paid addons. Good job guys
Great listing plugin that is fairly simple to use. Ability to style listings easier would be of benefit but no real complaints for the free version in that regard. Developers need to eat too 🙂 EDIT: Frustratingly been attempting to change the display of category listings. Settings within the plugin appear to be non-existant. For example, 20 listings in 1 category, core Reading Settings set to show 8 blog posts, only 8 of those 20 listings in that category will appear with no pagination options. Plugin uses native WP display settings. Option to override or introduce pagination on those category pages is a must.
You have to purchase everything to make it marginally useful. Their whole site is filled with 404s on the documentation links...
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