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BeatGig Events Calendar


BeatGig‘s event calendar is a modern, beautiful calendar that embeds directly onto your website. It looks great on computers & phones alike. All you need is an account on BeatGig to get started.

The BeatGig WordPress plugin provides a WordPress shortcode that helps you get your calendar embedded in minutes.

Usage of this plugin is 100% free when you are a BeatGig user.


  1. See our website
  2. Feel free to reach out at support@beatgig.com. If you need an instant response, live chat on our website by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right.

Third-party service

BeatGig is a third-party service that lives separately from WordPress. This means that by installing this plugin, you will be importing and using code from BeatGig’s website. This helps us keep your venue’s calendar in-sync with your BeatGig bookings, making the process perfectly smooth for you.

For instance, when users visit a page that has embedded the BeatGig calendar, we will fetch your venue’s upcoming events to display to the user.

To learn more about how BeatGig works and gets your live events onto your calendar, please reference our website, privacy policy, and terms of service.


This plugin lets you add a BeatGig venue calendar to your WordPress site. Before you can embed a calendar, you’ll need to sign up for BeatGig as a buyer, and then create a venue.

The easiest way to install the BeatGig plugin is to log in to your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New,
search for BeatGig, and click to install. You can also download the zip file from this page and upload it
from the Plugins -> Add New -> Upload page.

Once you’ve clicked install, wait for the spinner to finish loading. It might take a minute.

After it’s done, make sure you click the “Active” button. If the “Active” button is gray, that means it worked.

Now that you have activated your plugin, there is one simple step.

All you need to do is paste the BeatGig short code onto your WordPress page. The shortcode looks like this:

[beatgig embed=”venue-calendar” venue-slug=”YOUR-VENUE-SLUG”]

You should replace the YOUR-VENUE-SLUG text with your venue’s unique slug.

To find your venue’s slug, open your BeatGig venues, click “View” on the one you want to add, and copy your slug from the URL you see at the top of your browser.

For example, if your venue’s URL is beatgig.com/venues/magic, then your venue slug is magic.

Your final WordPress shortcode would look like this:

[beatgig embed=”venue-calendar” venue-slug=”magic”]

It’s that easy!

If your website is hosted on WordPress.com, and you are using the page editor, you’ll need to do this:

1) Click the plus sign to add a new block on your page.
2) Search for “short code” and click it when it comes up
3) Enter your venue’s short code from the steps above.


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