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Anti Bots
New technology. Plugin released in March 2020.
An Internet Bot, also known as web robot, WWW robot or simply bot, the spider is a software application that runs automated tasks (scripts) over the Internet.  Bad bots consume bandwidth, slow down your server, steal your content and look for vulnerabilities to compromise your server.
Anti Bots plugin has a new and unprecedented approach.  Anti Bots Plugin block all bots (less google and Microsoft Bing) and it is up to you to create one bot whitelist because not all bots are bad for you.
You can activate the Anti Bots Plugin in learning mode (test mode) and create your whitelist without the risk of block bots good for you.  Anti Bots Plugin has a nice visitors log to help you to do that.
Easy to use! No robots.txt neither .htaccess file required.
Anti Bots plugin will protect also the Login Form from Brute Force Attacks.
No DNS or Cloud Traffic Redirection. No Slow Down Your Site! No Google penalties for slow sites.
Please check out our demo video and documentation at:
Online Guide
Demo Video
Plugin Site
Compatible With Anti Hacker Plugin


We use Datatables to render our visitors table.
You can find the complete files (no minimized) to download
on this link:
Same thing for Bootstrap:
Same thing for jQuery:


  • Visitors's log table
  • Dashboard
  • Settings Page


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1.10 2023-09-05 – Improved Error Handling.
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1.07 2022-04-11 – Improved Security.
1.06 2021-03-08 – Minor Improvements.
1.05 2020-07-10 – Fix the CloudFlare wrong IP.
1.04 2020-04-06 – Minor Improvements
1.03 2020-03-31 – Minor Improvements
1.02 2020-03-29 – Minor Improvements
1.01 2020-03-28 – Minor Improvements
1.00 2020-03-18 – Initial Release