Цей плагін не перевірявся з останніми 3-ма основними випусками WordPress. Можливо, він більше не може розроблятися або підтримуватися, і він може мати проблеми сумісності при використанні з більш новими версіями WordPress.

Advanced Custom Fields: NextGEN Gallery Field add-on


This is an add-on for the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin and will not provide any functionality to WordPress unless advanced Custom Fields is installed and activated.

The NextGEN Gallery field provides a dropdown (select or multi-select) of NextGEN Gallery names (galleries and albums) and the ability to map the selected NextGEN Gallery to the post.
The get_value() API returns an array of the selected NextGEN Gallery IDs and the form – album or gallery.

Support ACF5 Pro, ACF4, ACF3, NextCellent Gallery – NextGEN Legacy.

!!! Version 1.1 !!!
This version changes get_value() API returned value. You must change your template files. !!!

The get_value() API returns a following array:
Array (
[0] => Array (
[ngg_id] => 8 ( NextGEN Gallery ‘gallery’ or ‘album’ ID )
[ngg_form] => gallery ( ‘gallery’ or ‘album’ )


These examples should show a NextGEN Gallery gallery or NextGEN Gallery album.

For version 1.1 and later

For version 1.0.2 and earlier


  • NextGEN Gallery Field.
  • Adding a NextGEN Gallery to a page.


The NextGEN Gallery Field plugin can be used as WordPress plugin or included in other plugins or themes.
There is no need to call the Advanced Custom Fields register_field() method for this field.

  • WordPress plugin
    1. Download the plugin and extract it to /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.

Часті питання

I’ve activated the plugin, but nothing happens!

Make sure you have Advanced Custom Fields installed and
activated. This is not a standalone plugin for WordPress, it only adds additional functionality to Advanced Custom Fields.

I just see on my post/page the name of the NextGEN Gallery Add-on only and no more nexts fields?

Make sure you have NextGEN Gallery plugin installed and
activated. This is not a standalone plugin for WordPress. It only adds additional functionality to Advanced Custom Fields and works together with NextGEN Gallery plugin.

Are my field definitions and post data lost, if I upgrade from ACF 3- to ACF 4+

At least all data of this custom field are keept and save. You can reuse and view you existing field definitions and gallery selections within posts, even after upgrading Advanced Custom Fields to it’s newest version.

Make sure you have Advanced Custom Fields installed and
activated. This is not a standalone plugin for WordPress, it only adds additional functionality to Advanced Custom Fields.


I don't get it, why so many people around gave one star to this plugin? I downloaded it, made custom NextGen Gallery, create custom field in ACF, made proper type of this field, create personal "single-" template for my custom post type, put a proper PHP in it and everything works fine! No problem at all! I am absolutely noob and don't know what templates & PHP are and how they works, but I spend two hours to learn a little and now everything works as I want. If you are not patient or don't want to keep studying or spend a little free time to understand how Wordpress is working - stay away from this plugin and don't waste your onestars. In my case everything works. Thank you, developers! ^^
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  • ACF PRO v5 support
  • NextCellent Gallery – NextGEN Legacy support


  • Compatiblity to ACF4 and backward compatibilty to ACF3
  • Added option to restict selectable galleries (Albums, Galleries or both)


  • [Fixed] Wrong data type error message – https://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-advanced-custom-fields-nextgen-gallery-field-add-on-wrong-data-type-error-message?replies=3


  • Hide “Multi-Select Size” field when is used “Select” as an “Input Method”.
  • Ready for localization


  • [Fixed] Keying mistake at line :179


  • [Fixed] Null array (error message at line :181) when new NextGEN Gallery field is initiate


  • Add option to select NextGen Gallery album
  • Check if the NextGEN Gallery plugin is installed.


  • [Fixed] The sample code in the instruction.


  • [Fixed] The installer package.


  • Initial Release