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Advanced Custom Fields: Multiple Coordinates


The plugin is a modified extended version of the Advanced Custom Fields: Coordinates made by Stupid Studio and is found here:

This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3. See
gpl.txt included with this software for more detail.

The plugin relies on the Google Maps API. It does not use an API-key and is
therefore operating under the restrictions of the free Google Maps API,
which should be plenty for most backend usage.


When you create a new custom field with ACF, set the field type to
Multiple Coordinates map. Now the coordinates chooser should show up when you edit
a post with your custom fields.

The tool add a point on each click on the map. To remove the point you select the “Remove Coordinate” button and click a point.
You can also show the points as a Polygon on the map with the “Show area on map” button and show the actual coordinates in a semi-colon
separated list with the “Show coordinates” button. The search field is only there to quickly take you to different places on the map. Not
to add the actual points.

To get the coordinates data in your frontend, simply request the field value
and in return you get the coordinates in a latitude, longitude array and the zoom as in the sample below.

$values = get_field('*****FIELD_NAME*****');
/* which will give you an array like the following sample
        [coords] => Array
                [0] => Array
                        [lat] => 57.156363766336
                        [lng] => 16.364327427978
                [1] => Array
                        [lat] => 57.159612809986
                        [lng] => 16.370315551758
        [zoom] => 13


  • The plugin in action in the backend.


Install this plugin by downloading the source
and unzipping it into the plugin folder in your WordPress installation. Make
sure to also have ACF installed.

Часті питання

How do I get the plugin to show a map on the website?

By implementing a map on your own. We do not provide a frontend-implementation – this is up to you.


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Журнал змін


Copy feature added to copy points from existing value to another Multiple Coordinates value.
1. Press the Copy button, right click on the selection and select Copy.
2. Go to the place you want to paste the point values and press the Copy button, right click on the selection and select Paste.
3. Publish or update the page or post to get the new points.


  • Bugfix 1. Get lat and lng from Marker via correct API function.
  • Bugfix 2. Toggle Show area on map button now works.
  • Optimized init of map when many markers.


  • First release.