Advanced Composer Blocks for Newsletter


The WordPress plugin that lets you craft modern email newsletters with custom fields and new design options.

With upgraded blocks and custom field functionality, Advanced Composer Blocks elevates your newsletter with design and content options not available anywhere else for the Newsletter plugin.

NOTE: Requires at least free version of the Newsletter plugin.

Plugin features:

  • 6 new, feature-packed blocks – Six additional, advanced composer blocks open up a ton of new design and content options.
  • Composer editing enhancement – Make testing your newsletters even easier with the “Live Preview” button that allows you to quickly preview your email newsletter in a new tab.
  • Composer editing enhancement – Make crafting your newsletters faster with composer block “COPY” and “PASTE” features – which allows you to duplicate blocks between emails as well! (PREMIUM)
  • WordPress custom field tags – Take advantage of the custom fields you already have to further simplify creating post listings.

Blocks included in the free version:

💎 Blocks included in the premium version:


  • Included composer blocks, each with a distinct dark blue icon
  • Font, color, and layout options for the Posts List block
  • Example of Text+ block and options
  • Cover block with image upload, overlay, and layout options


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Журнал змін

06.26.24 – 1.3.2
– Fixed issue with copy/paste links showing in final email

06.24.24 – 1.3.1
– Fixed CSS nesting issue
– Updated Freemius SDK to 2.7.2

06.24.24 – 1.3.0
– Added ability to copy/paste blocks between emails

04.11.24 – 1.2.0
– Fixed double-declaring of a function
– Misc typos

03.23.24 – 1.1.1
– Additional cleanup for inclusion in the repo

03.13.24 – 1.1
– Lots of PHP cleanup for inclusion in the repo

01.26.24 – 1.0.4
– Added free version of plugin with Posts List and Image+ as free blocks!
– Updates to be repository compliant
– Fixed Posts List thumbnail showing by default

01.18.24 – 1.0.3
– Fixed Single Post+ button hiding not working.

01.18.24 – 1.0.2
– Fixed naming of a couple of blocks.

01.17.24 – 1.0.1
– Removed “row gap” option from Single Post+ (not needed).
– Changed how custom field tags are used and updated instructions.

01.16.24 – 1.0.0
– Initial soft release.