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Adsense Optimizer


Automatically ad Google Adsense code to your Blog. Here are some of the reasons why this plugin is outstanding:

  • Different injection for single pages and pages with multiple Posts. (All other solutions make ugly pages)
  • Intelligent insertion without breaking lists, pictures etc.
  • Number of ads can be dependent on the post length.
  • Comfortable definition of ad size, layout and colors in admin panel.
  • Add ads in content, but also in sidebar, footer, header ….
  • Not more than 3 ads per page to meet google policy
  • different channels for all ads to control and optimize different styles, colors etc.
  • ads widget
  • powerful optimization tool to find out the best style and positioning for your blog to multiply earnings.
  • ………..


Most settings are self explanatory, for detailed description see the PluginPage.

You can also trigger an ad via the widget or via calling the php adopt function. For that also see the Plugin Page.

Version history

1.0.1 – Added color palettes and standard values for option setting for easier and faster costumization.
1.0.2 – Added the battle function for easy optimization of style and positioning of Adsense Blocks.
More sizes available (all possible Google ad sizes are supported)
2.0 – Added Linkblocks
choose if you are a basic / pro user
added description for adtypes for better overview
colored parts in settings panel to get better overwiew
changed plugin site to http://www.adsenseoptimizer.de
performance optimized
changed to 2-digit version numbers
2.1 – Changed to object oriented Implementation to avoid problems with other Plugins etc.
New HTML parsing method to avoid problems with wordpress gallery function
2.2. bug release
2.3. works together with “Yet another related Posts Plugin” now.
3.0. concept change (thats why it is 3.x without mayor external changes)
possibility to overrule the 3 ads rule (necessary for some themes like mystique)
should work with php 4.x now.
3.1. removed array_kexs warning, if no settings are made
no ads for feeds, no ads in feeds


  • Download
  • Extract and copy Adsense Optimizer folder to Plugins Directory of your blog. (do not rename!)
  • activate Plugins
  • make settings (details see PluginPage
  • get rich


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