Admin Block Country


Easy to use plugin, that blocks access to your wp-admin area by country. Uses geoip-api-php as the library to work out the visitor’s country.


1) Install WordPress 5.8.2 or higher

2) Download the latest from:

3) Login to WordPress admin, click on Plugins / Add New / Upload, then upload the zip file you just downloaded.

4) Activate the plugin.


Before installing this plugin I received almost 600 attempted hacks in just a few hours. Wordfence blocked them but all these emails were sitting in my inbox. After installing this plugin I got 22 hack attempts in 12 hours. A lot better to manage. This can become a very popular plugin. Please continue to support it. I will support your efforts. Thanks!
Habe alle Länder, ausser meines, gesperrt und mit dem VPN getestet: Es funktioniert bestens. Einfach daran denken, dass wenn ihr in die Ferien geht, ihr das Land ausschaltet, sonst kommt ihr nicht auf eure Seite (bei Bedarf). Habe es mit dem neuen WP 5.4 getestet. Plugin Wordfence ist auch aktiv.
The reviews here are very old, so I had a look at this plugin myself. I got tired of all these hack attempts, so this seemed like a nice way to keep out most of the trash. It's very user friendly, after installation you get a list of countries you want to block admin access from, and a "select all" option. Your own country is not on the list so you can't accidentally block yourself. After that, I could still access the admin section of my site, but when trying from a VM in another country, access was blocked. There was no output, just an empty page, which is fine to me. So, a simple plugin but does exactly what it should. By the way, for some IP addresses the country is not known or incorrect, so no GeoIp application is perfect.
Hi I have discovered this plugins and I'm testing it in WP Versión 4.7.3. It looks good. I have used to modify my location "Just Proxy VPN" Chrome extension. Dani
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  • Fixed bug caused by closing vulnerabilities


  • Fixed up security vulnerabilities


  • Fixed more bugs caused by debug=true


  • Fixed more bugs caused by debug=true


  • Fixed up errors from debug=true.


  • Links up to GeoCity 2.0


  • Fixed the IP services. Removed IP service list and set it to only use


  • Fixed security issue which blocked requests to


  • Improved code.


  • I removed Who country service. You can now upload your own local ip database from maxmind. I’ve added in the instructions.


  • New IP to country service – utrace. Example


  • Removed Tom M8te dependency.


  • Fixed bug with Admin “Select All” checkbox. Played havac with service selector. Never noticed it before.


  • Fixed bug with geoplugin.


  • Added in ip to country service which is a server that I own. I noticed that the existing 2 have failed atleast once.


  • Tried Maxmind in version 3.0, but 2 of my clients couldn’t use it, so I’ve ditched it and now I use two external services:,


  • Uses another method for discovering the country of an ip address.


  • Used a different method for discovering the country of an ip address. Seems to be less memory intensive.


  • Initial Commit